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Active Advocacy: Teens Taking the Lead in the World Teen Parliament

Updated: Mar 28


The 10th World Teen Parliamentary session witnessed a profound session as the esteemed speaker, Padma Shree Dr. Niru Kumar, took the stage to share invaluable insights with the attending teens.

Dr. Niru Kumar, a National Icon and Board Member of the Election Commission of India, delivered a powerful address focusing on the importance of being active, raising one's voice, and understanding the dynamics of the unconscious mind.

Dr. Niru Kumar commenced her address by emphasizing the significance of being active, both physically and mentally. She encouraged teens to participate actively in various aspects of life, be it academics, extracurricular activities, or social initiatives.

According to Dr. Kumar, an active lifestyle not only contributes to physical well-being but also fosters a sense of discipline and resilience. The central theme of Dr. Niru Kumar's address was the empowerment that comes from raising one's voice. She urged teens to recognize the power of their voices in shaping opinions, influencing change, and standing up for what they believe in. Dr. Kumar shared anecdotes from her own journey, highlighting instances where vocal advocacy led to impactful transformations.

Dr. Niru Kumar delved into the realm of psychology, shedding light on the workings of the unconscious mind. She discussed the importance of self-awareness and understanding the deeper layers of the human psyche. By grasping the influence of the unconscious mind, teens can navigate challenges, build resilience, and make informed decisions.

Dr. Niru Kumar passionately challenged cultural norms that perpetuate the abandonment of girl children. She called upon the teens at the World Teen Parliament to be advocates for change, urging them to question and confront practices that hinder the development and well-being of girls.

In a powerful call to action, Dr. Kumar empowered the attending teens, encouraging them to be agents of change in their communities. She shared stories of grassroots movements and individuals who, against all odds, brought about positive change in the lives of abandoned girls.

In the continuation of this thought-provoking session at the 10th World Teen Parliament, the dynamic speaker Mr. Guneet Singh, Head of Marketing and Creative Solutions at Google APAC Singapore, captivated the audience with insights into the world of abstract thinking. Focused on encouraging creativity and innovation, Mr. Singh's session left an indelible mark on the young minds in attendance.

Mr. Guneet Singh initiated the session by delving into the concept of abstract thinking—a cognitive skill that involves contemplating complex ideas, understanding nuances, and embracing unconventional perspectives. He emphasized the significance of abstract thinking in fostering creativity and problem-solving, challenging teens to expand their minds beyond conventional boundaries.

During the session, Mr. Singh shared anecdotes and success stories that highlighted the transformative power of abstract thinking. He urged teens to break free from the constraints of conventional wisdom, encouraging them to explore uncharted territories in their thoughts and ideas.

A key takeaway from Mr. Guneet Singh's address was the importance of cultivating a creative mindset. He introduced teens to practical exercises and activities designed to stimulate abstract thinking, fostering an environment where innovation can thrive.

In an inspiring segment, Mr. Singh encouraged teens to embrace bold ideas and unconventional solutions. He shared examples from the tech industry and other fields where abstract thinking had led to groundbreaking innovations. The message was clear: the future belongs to those who dare to think differently.

To make the concept relatable, Mr. Guneet Singh discussed how abstract thinking applies to real-life scenarios. He encouraged teens to use abstract thinking not only in academic pursuits but also in addressing global challenges and envisioning a future where their creativity contributes to positive change.

Mr. Guneet Singh's session at the World Teen Parliament was a rallying call for teens to embrace abstract thinking, challenging them to step into the realm of creativity and innovation. As the teens left the session, they carried with them the seeds of new ideas and a newfound appreciation for the transformative power of thinking differently and Padma Shree Dr. Niru Kumar's address left an indelible mark on the minds of the teens present at the World Teen Parliament. Her words served as a catalyst for self-reflection, inspiring young individuals to be active participants in their lives, vocal advocates for change, and seekers of deeper understanding.

As the session concluded, the teens were equipped with newfound motivation to contribute actively to their communities and the world at large.


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