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#blubworldrefers - Children of Heaven

‘Children are always the purest form of happiness on Earth!’

It is a moving story of a brother (9-year old Ali) and his sister (6-7 year old Zahara) living in a village in Tehran. Ali loses his little sister's pink shoes. The fear of getting scolded or beaten up by their poor father encourages Ali and Zahara to keep this as a secret till the next month, then the father might afford buying her a new pair of shoes, when he would get his pay cheque.

So they decided on a plan. Zahara's school timings were in the first half of the day when she would wear Ali's shoes (much too big for the little girl) to attend school and rush back immediately after the off. Then Ali, eagerly waiting at the gully outside the colony, would wear those shoes and run to school in the second half. However, due to the shoe sharing arrangement, he gets late to school almost every day, and gets scolded by his teachers. Soon Ali comes to know about an inter-school running competition for which a pair of sneakers is the third prize.

The magical story further revolves around the relationship of the two siblings and their maturity to understand the value of money. Their father works hard and even serves as a gardener to the rich to earn some extra money, to support their family with an ailing mother.

The film tugs at our heartstrings showing how children, regardless of their parents' material status, can find happiness in simple things like blowing soap bubbles, helping their neighbors and showing compassion towards others.

Shot from a child's perspective, the movie shows how a child's mind can be enterprising with its own limitations.

'Children of Heaven' stars Amir Farrokh Hashemian as the hapless Ali, and Bahare Siddiqui as the dutiful Zahara, two remarkably precocious young actors in their first and only cinematic roles till date. The chemistry and affection between the two children is precious. Mohammad Amir Nazi plays a strict and hard-working father but with a caring and tender heart, is so real in his heart touching performance.

The ultimate message that this magical film communicates is -“The love of the family members to one another is the answer to all the challenges they encounter.”

Friends, 'Children of Heaven' is a must watch classic as the theme of the movie is so universal that there is not a viewer who will not be wide-eyed with interest and suspense.

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