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#blubworldthinks - Don't read this while eating

We are often occupied with our mobile phones, televisions, iPads, and even books while we snack and eat our meals. While eating in company of these entertaining devices can give a breather from our routine line of thoughts, it is basically a big distraction! And this distraction from meals and the mealtime is simply detrimental.

Mealtime distractions hinder our focus on the food we eat. This not just makes us eat extra, but also prevents us from savoring it. Eating food is not only consuming calories but an act of nourishing our mind, body and soul with healthy, likable cooking. When watching or reading something exciting, we often tend to forget what we are eating and are also likely to chew lesser and gulp down food faster. This in turn disturbs our digestion and brings an overall deterioration in our well-being.

The habit of mealtime distraction is common among every age group and often leads to lesser-known but grave problems in the future. When eating while watching or reading, we get imprecise about our own eating habits, and over a course of time, we tend to misunderstand our own diet. Gradually, it gets tricky to understand the limit at which we feel full, when we are hungry and moments when we don't realize that we need to eat.

Mealtime distraction is widespread, can be hazardous and influence one's eating habits significantly. To avoid this, eat meals at a designated dining table and avoid carrying plates to the living room that holds diverse entertaining devices. Leave your iPads, mobiles, books and newspapers in the bedroom for the time you eat. For the first few days, prepare dishes that you like, to get into the no-distraction eating mode. Know the day's menu and make up your mind to eat it fondly. Decide the quantity that you wish to consume and serve your plate with a little lesser amount, re-serve if the need be.

Follow the age old rule of eating with family members, and avoid talking when eating, this will considerably improve the ways of eating, making it absolutely pleasurable.

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