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#childrenofblubworld - Arsh Shah Dilbag

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Arsh Shah Dilbagi, from Panipat, at 16 years invented a device, ‘TALKing’, that facilitated speech impaired to communicate using their breath. At the time of its invention in 2014, it was the only ‘Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)’ device in the world that used breath as the way of interaction. In 2015, he developed a robot dog, ‘CLUMSY’ with 16 Servo Motors.

‘TALK’ uses variations in a person's breath to either utter letters which are then combined to form sentences, or speaks out inbuilt commands, depending on the mode selected. He won the Voters' Choice Award at Google Science Fair in California, USA in 2014 for the incredible development of 'TALK'; has a special mention (4th place) in the E-Inclusion & Accessibility category at ‘Manthan Award’, India Habitat Centre, Delhi; and second position at I3 - Indian Innovation Initiative 2014 held at Noida Expo Mart, Noida.

In August 2015, at the ‘Science and Innovation Museum’ in the Presidential Residence at New Delhi, he exhibited the quadruped robot dog in the name of 'A Day in the Life of a Robot Dog - CLUMSY'.

Arsh has won several awards and recognitions for his commendable work, has studied at the renowned Princeton University and today, has founded a company named ‘Arido’.


“Intention and Inclination - The Best Driving Force!”

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