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World Teen Parliament
Terms & Conditions

All Teenagers must participate and submit their video entry under strict parental control only.

All views expressed on this platform will be of the participant and he/ she will be solely responsible for the same. Blub World or World Teen Parliament should not be held responsible for the contents of the video submitted.

All participants agree to all the mentioned T&C before participation. Your participation is an automatic acceptance of all the mentioned T&C.

All participants agree to the following:

I have read the Terms & Conditions of participation and I agree to them. I also promise to keep myself updated with the T&C of Blub World & World Teen Parliament from time to time. I have taken permission from my parents to participate in the World Teen Parliament. I hereby declare that all the above shared information is correct and true to the best of me and my parents' knowledge. I hereby give (surrender) all the rights (present & future) of my video to Blub World & World Teen Parliament to use it on all public platforms as per their discretion. I also confirm that there is no copyrighted content in my video. In case of any issue, I will be personally responsible for it and Blub World or World Teen Parliament shall not be held liable for any such problem or claim. I have followed all YouTube guidelines in creating my video.

This is an opportunity for Teens to express their ideas and innovations, misuse of our platform, its name and the entire initiative for any other purpose is strictly prohibited and would entail legal action.

No one is authorised to use the logo of World Teen Parliament or the phrase "World Teen Parliament" without a written consent from us. All violators will face legal action.

The elected MPs and Influencers must take a written approval from us before making any comments in public or with the press. Their statements do not represent the opinion of the World Teen Parliament. They must be held accountable for their statements and we are not responsible for their opinions and statements.

All video entries that are above 59 seconds, will be rejected, if some of the entries even get approved on the social media, they will be rejected in the selection process. It is the responsibility of the participant to submit video entries that are less than 59 seconds in duration. Certificates will not be issued to any entries that exceed the 59 second limit.

It is highly recommended that Teens should submit their video entries from the school's social media pages/ accounts, after receiving a go ahead from their parents/ guardian/ teacher, for the safety and security of the participant and to check the contents of the video to be submitted.

Please ensure visiting the T&C section of WTP before registering for participation.

The selection to the World Teen Parliament cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The decision of the World Teen Parliament will be final and

cannot be further disputed.

Your participation in the World Teen Parliament will be considered as a confirmation from you of unconditionally agreeing to adhere to all the terms & conditions of the World Teen Parliament.

All standard T&C of Blub World apply to World Teen Parliament as well.

The terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notice. It is the responsibility of the participant to keep himself updated with the T&C of World Teen Parliament, as they are subject to change from time to time and not knowing or being unaware of any new or updated T&C or alteration of the existent T&C will be considered a fault of the participant and enough grounds for legal action against the participant.

Subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Udaipur City, Rajasthan

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