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Empowering Universities

Blub World helps Universities to increase their admissions by hosting regular interactions and workshops for  School Leaders, Teachers, Parents and Students from their preferred territory.

We help enhance your admissions funnel from the regions of your choice.

Making University Admission Outreach

Impactful & Cost Effective

Bringing Together Schools, Teachers, Students & Parentswith our different online activities.

Webinars for School Leaders

Online Teachers Trainings

Counselling & Workshops for teens & parents

How will online be effective?

Interactions not lectures

Our Sessions focus on interactions so that the audience is active & talking during the session and not un-attentive or disinterested

Audience Chosen Topics

We plan our sessions based on the topics shared by the schools, teachers & students in our survey "What Teens Want?"

Exclusivity for Brands

You are not a part of a cluttered career fest with multiple brands around you. Our sessions are exclusively designed for you.

Pre-Offline Market Testing

Before you start your offline outreach, you have already tested the territory with our sessions and curated a filtered funnel

Partnership Philosophy

'Teach to Reach'

Give teens, teachers & parents and school leaders from your preferred territory an opportunity to experience your brand and expertise through continuous online sessions.

What our partner Universities teach in our sessions? - Future Skills!

(The topics are chosen by teenagers, teachers, parents and school leaders

and are changed every month based on their feedback)


Critical Thinking

Problem Solving


Decision Making 




Scaling Up

Career Labs

Career Support Sessions for teenagers (Online or Offline)

Career Canvassing

Helping teens get self aware and being able to identify a good career fit.

Career Q&A

Answering questions of teens a on everything about career choices and higher education.

Career Talks

Successful people from different industries sharing their professional stories.

Experience Our Activities

Listen to the amazing education stalwarts in our previous episodes & workshops

School Leader Webinars

See the previous Blub World Web Talks 
(200 + Episodes | 3000+ School Leaders)

Teacher's Workshops

See the Teachers Workshops conducted by our partner organisations in the past.

Teen Workshops

See the student workshops of our partners on our Youtube Channel

World Teen Awards | Promo Video | Register Now | WTA - India Edition | April, 2024 - Entries Open
Blub World

World Teen Awards | Promo Video | Register Now | WTA - India Edition | April, 2024 - Entries Open

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To Start Your Workshops, Submit 

Your 40 min. Workshop Lesson Plan

An Attractive Faculty Introduction

40 second workshop promo video

Post Workshop Certification Details

These will be shared with all the participants, so that they can register for your workshops.

Workshop attendees will share a feedback with their consent or dissent for being contacted afterwards

You control your reach

The better you teach, the more you reach! No limit on teaching. 
We guarantee the minimum outreach, your workshop quality assures the maximum.

Your Partnership Journey

Your logo with link 
on our website
& Social Media

School Leader Webinars / Workshops

Workshops for teens, teachers & parents

Advertisement in the Blub World magazine

For A Customised Proposal

Call or WhatsApp us on +91 76651 67086

Check Out Our Work, Partners & Network!

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