World Teen Parliament

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How is the World Teen Parliament (WTP) different from MUN or Model United Nations?

The World teen Parliament is very different from the Model United Nations as during WTP you will be contributing ideas and solving problems from your local community and your local reach with a global perspective in mind. During MUN you share problems and solutions of global nature on which you do not have influence of any kind.

Secondly the World Teen Parliament is a much more action oriented initiative. We believe that we can improve life globally by doing small improvements rather than just asking the government’s and the elders to change the world around us. We believe in self driven growth.

Thirdly, MUN allows participation of all age groups, but the World Teen Parliament is focused only on 15 to 18 year olds.

2. There are so many youth parliaments going on around us then why is there a need to create a new World Teen Parliament?

Most of the youth parliament‘s engage people of age groups 18 to 35 and this does not give a proper representation to the teenagers of the world. We believe that teens are the most innovative as they are the least prejudiced, as they innovate on the basis of imagination and creativity and not get blocked by past experience.

3. Would our ideas get funded by participating in the world teen Parliament?

The world teen Parliament is in the process of creating a board of patrons to help fund some of the most amazing ideas that we get from teens during the process of creating the world in Parliament. We encourage teens to ideate and then execute those ideas with the help of people and resources that they can gather themselves and at the same time we will try to assist them in any way possible to realise their dreams.

4. Who will get selected in the world in Parliament, the one who has a better idea or the one who has more votes?

The world in Parliament works with a focus of enabling teenagers to understand and practice democratic values and for the sake of this, the selection depends 50% on the merit of the idea and 50% on the mandate or the support/votes that the idea gathers. So it will always be a balance of practicality of your idea and the popularity of your idea, because these two factors validate the in-ate innovation in the idea and the need of the solution that you are presenting, because if a lot of people support your idea that means that there is a need for your solution/idea.

5. Can I participate with my startup idea?

Absolutely yes, because even a startup is there to solve a problem. And if while solving a problem you make money, then that's icing on the cake. But remember to be responsible and sustainable, so that you improve lives and not disrupt them.

6. Who can vote for me in the World Teen Parliament?

Anyone can vote for you, they just have to register and declare that they are an actual person and not a Bot increasing your votes.

7. Can we participate as a group?

The proposal / idea in the video can only be submitted by individuals and not as groups as only an individual can become a member of parliament (MP), but they can surely create a group to execute their idea. They can also create a group in advance and select their representative to speak at the World Teen Parliament.

8. Can I choose a topic of my choice?

Yes, the topic or problem that you select to solve is completely your choice and we do not want to limit you in any way. But remember to choose a problem, that you can start solving at your own level.


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