Do you dream for a better world?

Then, let's create one.

Give an opportunity to the future citizens of the world to learn and experiment with democracy, leadership, legislation, entrepreneurship, policy making, voting, citizenship and everything that impacts our lives, everyday!

Let's empower Teens!

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WTP @ School

Empowering Schools that value Democracy!

A 2 day in-school Workshop that gives your teen students (Class 8 to 12 only) an opportunity to learn

1. Voting Skills

2. Leadership Skills

3. Design Thinking

4. Entrepreneurship
5. Policy Making

6. Global Citizenship

And experience the democratic election process and a working parliament in their school.

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Year Long Support

All participants from the school in the workshop get complete access to all the Workshops, Sessions and events of the World Teen Parliament.

If the school decides to run the student council throughout the year then they can share their work with WTP for inspiring many more teen leaders globally.


Program Schedule*

(Subject to Change)
Maximum Allowed Participants - 300 students (Standard 8th to 12th Only)

Day 1 - Learning
(4 hours + Breaks)

Democracy & 'Sociocracy'
Need Identification
Prioritising & Decision Making
Common Minimum Aspirations
Leader Identification

Day 2 - Application
(4 hours + Breaks)

Vote Counting
Student Council Oath Taking
1st Student Council Meeting
Democratic Decisions


Exclusive Opportunities for the Host School

Sharing your work with the world.

Global Branding

The host school gets to place their brand with the World Teen Parliament along side its global partners and superb legacy.

An opportunity for the host school to showcase to the world their commitment towards teen empowerment and democracy.

Media / PR Opportunities

The School can invite the sitting Member of Parliament or other Influential People of their city to convene the Oath Taking Ceremony and chair the Student Council Meeting for first decisions.

This session could be witnessed and covered by the media.

Large Audience Opportunities

For the Oath Taking and First Student Council Meeting the School Can invite students, teachers and parents from other schools along with theirs.

This would give an opportunity to the community to appreciate the work being done in your school.


Requirements from School


Auditorium or an area where all your students from classes 8 to 12 can come together for learning and doing the activity.


2 full school days to be allotted to different activities that have to be carried out as part of the workshop.


A group of teachers who help our trainers by managing and encouraging teens to actively participate.

Election Commission

Election Commissioner Office for submitting nomination papers, counting votes and declaring the results.

Voting Booths

An anonymity securing voting booth for election voting. Number of booths depending on the participant numbers.


Student Council meeting room for convening the student council meetings

(Computer Operator, Computer, Internet & Printer Mandatory throughout the session)


What will we bring?

Experienced Trainers & Experts

Licensed Global Curriculum 

Election Formats and All relevant Forms

SOP's and Guidelines for the student council


Pricing - (On Request)

Includes the following (Only for the Workshop Duration)

Workshop Facilitation Fee

Workshop Stationary

Team Travel, Stay & Conveyance

Curriculum License Fee


Want More!

Host a WTP Parliamentary Session for your students, teachers and parents.

Invite your community to witness your commitment for teen empowerment.


Give your students, teachers, parents and your city an opportunity to interact with global leaders

You can host a parliamentary session of the World Teen Parliament with your students first online and then offline by supporting WTP.

In this session some of your students will also get the opportunity to ask questions to our guests.

The format of the WTP Parliamentary Session is fixed and no changes can be made to that.

(Opening remarks by the special guests followed by Q&A with the teens.)


Online - (On Request)

Offline - (On Request)