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Inspiring Children Across the World

A monthly print magazine that helps "TEENS INSPIRE TEENS"!


WTP @ School: Services
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Celebrating the
2nd World Teen Parliament!

After Successfully Establishing the

World's First & the Biggest Parliament of Teenagers.

A not for profit initiative of the Blub World Foundation

The World Teen Parliament is coming to schools!

About WTP

The ‘World Teen Parliament’ has been initiated in partnership with UNESCO - MGIEP & Save The Children. 

It is also Appreciated & Recommended by the ‘Supreme Court Bar Association of India’ and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Each year we train, mentor and fund 100 teen MPs to improve the world with their ideas & work.

Every year 100 MPs get elected from all across the world through a rigorous election process from the WTP community with 20,000+ schools, 9,00,000+ teens & 18,00,000+ School Principals, Teachers & Parents. These participants come from India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Malaysia, South Korea, Spain, UK, & the US.

The World Teen Parliament has been addressed by the following dignitaries in the past:

  1. MP Chandra Arya. Member of Parliament, Canada

  2. Mr. Heroy Clarke, Member of Parliament, Jamaica

  3. Mr. Shombi Sharp, UN Resident Coordinator in 'India, United Nations 

  4. Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Former Union Minister, Govt. of India with 10 Portfolios and 6 times Member of Parliament

  5. Mr. Karti P. Chidambaram, Member of Parliament, India

  6. Shri KC Ramamurthy IPS (R), Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), India

  7. Dr. C.P. Joshi, Honorable Speaker, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly

  8. Mr. Dinesh K Patnaik, Ambassador Of India to Spain and Andorra

  9. Dr. Kiran Bedi, Retd. IPS Officer (Former Governor, Puducherry, India)

  10. Ms. Dhuwarakha Sriram, Chief of Generation Unlimited UNICEF (YuWaah)

  11. Mr. Purushottam Kaushik, Head (India), World Economic Forum

  12. Mr. Pradeep Rai, Vice-President, Supreme Court Bar Association of India

And Many More...

"Transforming Schools into Democratic Centers of Excellence: Empowering the Next Generation"

Join the World Teen Parliament, a groundbreaking initiative revolutionizing education and empowering schools to foster democratic values and leadership skills. Embark on a transformative journey beyond the traditional curriculum, equipping teenagers with essential knowledge for active citizenship.

Unlock Youth Potential:

Participate in World Teen Parliament for a unique opportunity to explore democracy in a dynamic environment. Our program covers vital aspects including democracy, leadership, legislation, voting, and impactful life skills like critical thinking and collaboration.

Join the World's Biggest Innovation Cohort on Democracy:

Connect with a global network of educators and mentors dedicated to transforming education. Shape the future of democracy education through collaborations and workshops.

Empower the Next Generation:

Create an empowered generation driving positive change in communities and beyond. Revolutionize education by joining World Teen Parliament today.

Empowering Teens for a Democratic Future: Where Education Meets Transformation.

Vision of this Program is to Prepare the 'Skilled Voter'

Because "Voting is a Skill"

At our program, we envision preparing the next generation as skilled voters, recognizing that "voting is a skill." Our mission is to equip young individuals with the knowledge and capabilities needed to become informed, engaged, and responsible participants in the democratic process.

Empowering Skilled Voters:

Through our comprehensive program, we aim to instill a deep understanding of the importance of voting and the impact it has on shaping our society. We provide the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to develop the skills required to make informed decisions during elections.

Building Essential Skills:

Our curriculum focuses on building essential skills for effective voting. We emphasize critical thinking, research, analysis, and understanding diverse perspectives. By developing these skills, we empower individuals to evaluate candidates, policies, and issues with clarity and confidence.

Preparing for Active Citizenship:

By honing their voting skills, participants are better prepared for active citizenship. We foster a sense of civic responsibility and encourage young individuals to engage in meaningful ways beyond voting, such as community involvement, advocating for issues they care about, and participating in public discourse.

Join the Skilled Voter Movement:

Be part of the movement to create a generation of skilled voters. Join our program today and unlock the potential to make a difference through informed and responsible voting.

Empowering Skilled Voters: Unlocking the Power of Informed Decision-Making.

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WTP @ School Program

Empowering Schools that value Democracy!

A full day in-school Workshop that gives your teen students (Class 8 to 12 only) an opportunity to learn

1. Voting Skills

2. Leadership Skills

3. Design Thinking

4. Entrepreneurship
5. Policy Making

6. Global Citizenship

And experience the democratic election process and a working parliament in their school.

Click on the button below to talk to our team for organising a session at your school.

Program Schedule*

(Subject to Change)
Maximum Allowed Participants - 300 students (Standard 8th to 12th Only)

First Half - Learning
(2 hours + Breaks)

Democracy & 'Sociocracy'
Need Identification
Prioritising & Decision Making
Common Minimum Aspirations
Leader Identification

Second Half - Application
(2 hours + Breaks)

Vote Counting
Student Council Oath Taking
1st Student Council Meeting
3 Democratic Decisions (Law, Tax & Subsidy)

Giving Teens an Experience of the

Voter Lifecycle of Democracy

This program gives the teenagers an experience from casting a vote to experiencing the impact of his or her vote on their lifes.

1. Voter identifies a leader after community evaluation

2. Voting for the chosen leader in the Elections to give them power

3. Leaders take decisions on behalf of the voter in the parliament

4. Leaders' decisions Impact Voter's life &

the skill to vote develops

Year Long Support

All participants from the school in the workshop get complete access to all the Workshops, Sessions and events of the World Teen Parliament for the next 12 months.

If the school decides to run the student council throughout the year then they can share their work with WTP and we will share the best practices with our network of schools for inspiring many more teen leaders globally.





Requirements from the Host School


Auditorium or an area where all your students from classes 8 to 12 can come together for learning and doing the activity.


1 full school day to be allotted to different activities that have to be carried out as part of the workshop.


A group of teachers who help our trainers by managing and encouraging teens to actively participate.

Election Commission

Election Commissioner Office for submitting nomination papers, counting votes and declaring the results.

Voting Booths

An anonymity securing voting booth for election voting. Number of booths depending on the participant numbers.


Student Council meeting room for convening the student council meetings

(Computer Operator, Computer, Internet & Printer Mandatory throughout the session)

Exclusive Opportunities for the Host School

Sharing your work with the world.

Global Branding

The host school's logo gets uploaded on all our platforms along side our global partners and superb legacy.

An opportunity for the host school to showcase to the world their commitment towards teen empowerment and democracy.

Media / PR Opportunities

The School can invite the sitting Member of Parliament or other Influential People of their city to convene the Oath Taking Ceremony and chair the Student Council Meeting for first decisions.

This session could be witnessed and covered by the media.

Admission - Retention Opportunities

For the Oath Taking and First Student Council Meeting the School Can invite students, teachers and parents from other schools along with theirs.

This would enhance your admissions and retentions as the community would get to appreciate the work being done in your school.

WTP logo.png





Certifying some of the Selected schools from the WTP@School Program who create and maintain an ecosystem for exploration and experimentation with Democracy for a better tomorrow.

Initiating the World's biggest innovation cohort on democracy for teens.

What will we bring for this session?

Experienced Trainers & Experts

Licensed Global Curriculum 

Election Formats and All relevant Forms

SOP's and Guidelines for the student council

How is this different from an MUN and School's Student Council Elections?

MUN (Model United Nations)

This is not a one day event like MUN that is very limited to Public Speaking and Global Citizenship.
This activity makes your teens "Super Skilled Voters of the Future"

School's Student Council Elections

This activity is a great preparation before your elections and an awesome post election learning Experience and operating an impactful student council in your school.

Would you like to give this opportunity to your students?

Pricing - (On Request)

Since this is a not for profit initiative of the Blub World Foundation, so if you are from India then you can also make these payments in the form of donations as well. The donor can also claim the tax benefit from our 80G receipt. 
All expenses other than the ones listed below will be 'On Actuals'


Facilitation Fee

Parliament SOPs and relevant forms

Global Curriculum 

License Fee

Trainers travel, stay & logistics

Want More!

Host a WTP Parliamentary Session for your students, teachers and parents.

Invite your community to witness your commitment for teen empowerment.

You can host a parliamentary session of the World Teen Parliament with your students first online and then offline by supporting WTP.

In this session some of your students will also get the opportunity to ask questions to our guests.

The format of the WTP Parliamentary Session is fixed and no changes can be made to that.

(Opening remarks by the special guests followed by Q&A with the teens.)


Online - (On Request)

Offline - (On Request)

Give your students, teachers, parents and your city an opportunity to interact with global leaders

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