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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

“’s smart kids should be involved in various family aspects.”

Dear Parent,

You are doing a commendable job of balancing family, home, kids and employment, with all the sincere efforts and impressive results! While juggling these important life elements, and in between this chaotic routine, how often do you communicate with your child?

Here are few ideas that you can incorporate for everyone’s benefit.

Little gestures like kissing your children good morning, blessing them a good day, to asking them about how their day went by, are wonderful ways of creating a positive atmosphere for the kids to speak up.

Seeking their opinion on decisions relating to entertainment, travel, leisure and shopping to involving them in discussions regarding finance, budgeting, savings and insurance, today’s smart kids should be involved in various family aspects.

Talk to your children as much as possible, but also give them time and space to share their thoughts. This will not just make them independent and responsible at an early age, but will teach them valuable life lessons, within safe walls of homes! It will also make kids feel desirable and worthy, and will eventually build a strong, confident persona!

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