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Celebrating 3 years of WTP

The World's First and Only Elected Global Parliament of Teenagers is elated to Establish the 'World Teen Awards' (India Edition).

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Supporting Inspiring Teenagers Worldwide

A Global Not for Profit Initiative of the World Teen Parliament starting with its India Edition.
Participate Now! & Win Cash Prizes of Up To INR 75,000/-

Financially Supporting Inspiring Teenagers' Career Choices

An Award to Guarantee Career Freedom for Teens! - Financially Supporting teenagers to give them the freedom to choose a career of their choice.

🌟 **Empowering Dreams, Transforming Lives: World Teen Awards**

Welcome to a transformative journey where dreams take flight! The World Teen Awards is not just an accolade; it's a beacon of hope and a catalyst for millions of teens worldwide. Our vision is to financially support and uplift the aspirations of countless teens, enabling them to pursue their dream careers fearlessly.

In a world often dominated by career rat races and societal pressures, we stand as a gateway to liberation. This award is not just a recognition; it's a key to unlock a future where teens can follow their passions without compromise. No more succumbing to parental expectations, societal norms, or financial hardships. The World Teen Awards is a promise - a promise to pave the way for teens to choose the career they truly desire, unburdened by external pressures.

Join us in this mission to empower the next generation of dreamers. Together, let's create a world where every teen has the financial support to forge their unique path, turning their dreams into reality. 🌍💫 #WorldTeenAwards #EmpoweringDreams

The Annual World Teen Awards' Top Teens List!

🌟 Unveiling the Annual List of the Most Inspiring Teenagers From all over the World!

Excitement awaits as we introduce the Annual Top Teens List by World Teen Awards – a curated celebration of youthful brilliance, innovation, and leadership from around the world. Each year, we spotlight a select group of exceptional teens who have not only excelled in their fields but have also left an indelible mark on the global stage.

Prepare to be inspired by their stories, achievements, and unique contributions that set them apart. Join us in recognizing and applauding these young visionaries who are shaping the future. The Annual Top Teens List is more than a recognition; it's a journey into the extraordinary accomplishments of the youth, inspiring generations to come.

Stay tuned for the grand revelation of the next cohort of global influencers at World Teen Awards – where talent knows no boundaries! 🚀🌍🏆

Award Categories

1. Creative Arts:

  1. Best Young Visual Artist

  2. Outstanding Teen Writer (Poetry, Prose, etc.)

  3. Teen Filmmaker of the Year

  4. Rising Star in Music (Instrumental or Vocal)

  5. Young Photographer Award

  6. Graphic Design Prodigy

2. STEM Achievements:

  1. Teen Scientist of the Year

  2. Innovator of Tomorrow (Technology)

  3. Young Engineer Award

  4. Math Whiz Award

  5. Computer Programming Prodigy

  6. Future Biologist/Chemist/Physicist

3. Sports and Fitness:

  1. Teen Athlete of the Year

  2. Sportsmanship Award

  3. Rising Star in a Specific Sport (e.g., Soccer, Basketball, Swimming)

  4. Fitness Enthusiast Award

  5. Extreme Sports Achiever

  6. Yoga and Wellness Ambassador

4. Social Impact:

  1. Teen Activist of the Year

  2. Community Champion Award

  3. Environmental Stewardship Award

  4. Social Justice Advocate

  5. Humanitarian Award

  6. Philanthropist in the Making

5. Academic Excellence:

  1. Outstanding Student in Math/Science/English/History/etc.

  2. Academic All-Star

  3. Most Improved Scholar

  4. Innovative Thinker Award

  5. Researcher of the Year

  6. Academic Multitalent

6. Technology and Gaming:

  1. Teen Tech Wizard

  2. Gaming Champion Award

  3. Social Media Influencer of the Year

  4. Coding Prodigy Award

  5. Virtual Reality Pioneer

  6. Tech Innovator

7. Leadership and Service:

  1. Teen Volunteer of the Year

  2. Leadership Excellence Award

  3. Global Citizenship Award

  4. Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  5. Future CEO

  6. Emerging Community Leader

8. Media and Entertainment:

  1. Teen Actor/Actress of the Year

  2. Social Media Star Award

  3. Teen Content Creator Award

  4. Rising Star in Entertainment

  5. Podcast Prodigy

  6. Radio Personality in the Making

9. Fashion and Style:

  1. Teen Fashionista Award

  2. Style Influencer of the Year

  3. Fashion Designer in the Making

  4. Hair and Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

  5. Sustainable Fashion Advocate

  6. Trendsetter of Tomorrow

10. Friendship and Positivity:

  1. Best Friend Duo

  2. Positive Influencer Award

  3. Cheerful Spirit Award

  4. Peer Mentor of the Year

  5. Empathy Advocate

  6. Inclusive Friend Award

"Kindly note that awards will only be presented in categories with deserving entries, and it is not obligatory for awards to be distributed across all listed categories. All rights reserved."

What will be the award?

Benefits and Recognition:

Recipients of the World Teen Awards gain substantial recognition and access to invaluable opportunities. They receive a prestigious certificate, a financial grant to further support their projects or education, and personalised mentorship from renowned experts and organisations in their respective fields. Additionally, the awardees become ambassadors for positive change, leveraging their platform to inspire and motivate others.

INR 75,000/-

cash award

Get awarded by Global Leaders at the WTP Parliamentary Session

Nomination as an MP to the World Teen Parliament to get trained, mentored & funded

Interview in the Blub World Magazine

So that maximum deserving teens get awarded from all across India.

We will recognize teens for their exceptional work in each category through the following hierarchy, based on the quality and impact of their work.

City Awardee

INR 5,000/-

State Awardee

INR 10,000/-

Country Awardee

INR 20,000/-

Global Awardee

INR 40,000/-

(It is not mandatory that there will be awardees at all these levels and this is subject to last minute changes and approvals)

By paying this participation fee, you are not just supporting your own child but supporting millions of teenagers across the world to pursue the career of their dreams.


(India Edition) Participation Fee: INR 999/-

"Every participant in the World Teen Awards (India Edition) is required to pay a nominal non-refundable participation fee or application processing fee of INR 999/- for each of the award category that they wish to apply for.

Teenagers can apply to multiple award categories to increase their chances for getting an award and there is no limit to the number of categories you can apply for.

*Terms and Conditions Apply"

Even if you don't win, you still get to attend our online trainings & workshops for Free!

Get full value of your money.

Future Skills Workshops

Learn skills like Financial Independence, Creativity, Critical Thinking, etc.



Get career guidance and expert insights on all your career-related questions from global professionals.

WTP - Voting Debates

Win cash prizes every week by polishing your public speaking & debating skills

Teen Opinion


Express your opinions on globally impactful topics and connect with domain experts worldwide!

Why must every teen participate in the World Teen Awards?

1. Participation Certificate

Every participant gets a certificate, creating a sense of accomplishment regardless of the outcome.

2. Attend free workshops

Attend free workshops on future skills like financial independence, critical thinking, creativity, and decision-making.

3. Personal Development

World Teen Awards are a journey of self-discovery, enhancing skills and boosting confidence.

4. Confidence Building

Navigate challenges and build resilience through the application process.

5. Networking

Connect with mentors and peers globally, building a valuable support network.

6. Global Exposure

Gain insights into diverse cultures and viewpoints, broadening perspectives.

7. Resume Enhancement

Showcase initiative and commitment, adding weight to your resume.

8. Inspiration

Be inspired by the achievements of others, fostering motivation for personal growth.

In essence, World Teen Awards offer a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond talent, contributing to the overall growth and development of every teenager involved.

Participation Process

2 min. Video Resume


Craft a compelling 2-minute video resume showcasing your achievements and impactful work. Share the reasons why you deserve the World Teen Award.
(The video must be of a minimum duration of 59-seconds to a maximum allowed duration of 2 minutes or 120 seconds.)

Steps To Participate

Step 1

Fill Form & Upload the 2 min. Video Resume

Step 2

See your video on Blub World's Youtube Channel

Step 3

Share video for public approval and support

Step 4

Online / Offline Jury Interview Round

Step 5

Special Training for Finalists

Step 6

Award Ceremony

Jury Interview Round (Online / On-Campus)

Each Award will be judged by an innominate, non-partisan expert Jury comprising any of the following.

Subject Expert

Public Policy Expert

Media Expert

Judiciary Expert

International Representatives

Corporate Leaders

Cultural or Artistic Figures

Academic Leaders

Celebrities or Influencers

Previous Award Recipients

Parent Representatives

Youth Advocates

World Teen Awards (India Edition)

Proposed Dates

April, 2024

Entries Open

November, 2024

Jury Interview Round

January, 2025

Award Ceremony

Awards For Participating Schools

For Improving the lives of Teenagers in Schools

What will be the award for Schools?

Cash Prizes of Upto INR 1,00,000/-

Get awarded by Global Leaders at the WTP Parliamentary Session

Nomination as a School Ambassador of the World Teen Parliament

Interview in the Blub World Magazine

Award Categeories for Schools

WTA School of Talented Teens Award

Recognizing multiple schools & coordinators that excel in fostering talent and encouraging student participation in the World Teen Awards.

(These Awards will be declared every month.)

WTA School of Champions Award

The school with the highest number of awardees will be honoured with a cash prize of INR 1,00,000.

(This Award will be declared with the final award ceremony.)

"Please be aware that the mentioned awards will only be conferred upon receiving deserving entries. It is not mandatory for us to present this award. All rights reserved."


Celebrating 10 Years of Inspiring Children Across the World

Click on the button below to witness our journey of spreading Inspiration, since 2014.

The World Teen Awards is a prestigious recognition platform organized by Blub World Foundation in collaboration with the Blub World Magazine and the World Teen Parliament. Participation in the awards does not guarantee the receipt of an award, and no participant can claim the award as a matter of right. The selection process and decisions regarding the conferral of awards are made at the sole discretion of Blub World, World Teen Parliament, and the World Teen Awards organizing committee. We reserve the right to modify award categories, eligibility criteria, and any other aspects of the awards program without prior notice. Participation in the World Teen Awards constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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