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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Asia’s Oldest School, in Delhi, is Older than Delhi

Anglo Arabic School founded in 1696 by Ghaziuddin Khan, in Aurangzeb’s reign, in Delhi, is one of Asia’s oldest educational institutions. Opened as a ‘Madrasa’ (a college for Islamic Instruction), it is now a co-ed government aided school that promotes Urdu, Hindi, English, Persian and Arabic. In 1827, Sir Charles Metcalfe, added English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences in its curriculum.

Its renowned alumni include Syed Ahmed Khan, Founder of Aligarh Muslim University; Liaqat Ali Khan, Pakistan’s first Prime Minister; Muhammad Husain Azad, Writer; Nazir Ahmed, Essayist; Akhtar-ul-Iman, Poet; and Mirza MN Masood, Hockey Olympian, among others.

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