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Teens Elevating Careers in a Trailblazing Q&A Session, 29th February 2024

On the unique leap day of February 29, 2024, Blub World and 3rd World Teen Parliament orchestrated a thought-provoking Career Q&A session, featuring Mr. Ashish Gupta, the Director of Admissions and Outreach at RV University, Bangalore. This event brought together 56-57 teens eager to explore the nuances of career development, personal growth, and navigating the competitive landscape.

Mr. Gupta, with his wealth of experience, illuminated the path as he is one of the National Record holders for the book he has written on career for teens. After his opening address, taking in the questions related to strengths and weaknesses he argued on involving conscious practice and continuous refinement of what one excels at. On the flip side he also made sure to make teens understand about improving weaknesses which requires a strategic plan, be it through mentorship, additional education, or hands-on experience. The key takeaway was embracing weaknesses as stepping stones to personal evolution.

Talking about competition the teens sought guidance on how to stand out. Mr. Gupta emphasized the concept of personal branding. He encouraged participants to identify their unique strengths, passions, and skills that set them apart.

Also with the multifaceted life of a teenager who are now encompassing school and extracurricular activities, time management emerged as a hot topic in the session, Mr. Gupta shared practical strategies, emphasizing the importance of prioritization. Setting clear goals and aligning them with personal aspirations, he advised, ensures that time is spent purposefully. 

Finally, the Blub World’s Career Q&A Session with Mr. Ashish Gupta proved to be a beacon of guidance for the ambitious teens in attendance. From understanding personal strengths to crafting a unique identity in a competitive world, the session was a wellspring of knowledge. As the teens dispersed, energized and enlightened, they carried with them the wisdom shared by Mr. Gupta, poised to embark on a journey of self-discovery and success.

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