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Be Remembered, Forever! Support The World Teen Awards!

Invest in the World Teen Awards by sponsoring an award in your name, family's name, institution, or brand.
Be the driving force behind inspiring future leaders.
This isn't just an investment; it's your opportunity to etch a lasting legacy.
Join us!
#WorldTeenAwards #LegacySponsor 🌎🏆✨

WTA - Partners: About

Vision to Empower Millions of Teenagers Worldwide




30 Lakh



90 Lakh



1.2 Crore



WTA - Partners: List

Our Plan for 2024

Reaching - 10,00,000+ Teens

Class 8th to 12th  (13 to 19 years)



10,000+ Direct

One on One Engagement

500+ Online / Offline

Event Presence

WTA - Partners: List

All Award Sponsors Have Special Powers

Nominate a teenager from your region for free!

Invitation to the final Offline / Online Award Ceremony

Declare the Award in the categeory of your choice

WTA - Partners: List

Award Categories

1. Creative Arts:

  1. Best Young Visual Artist

  2. Outstanding Teen Writer (Poetry, Prose, etc.)

  3. Teen Filmmaker of the Year

  4. Rising Star in Music (Instrumental or Vocal)

  5. Young Photographer Award

  6. Graphic Design Prodigy

2. STEM Achievements:

  1. Teen Scientist of the Year

  2. Innovator of Tomorrow (Technology)

  3. Young Engineer Award

  4. Math Whiz Award

  5. Computer Programming Prodigy

  6. Future Biologist/Chemist/Physicist

3. Sports and Fitness:

  1. Teen Athlete of the Year

  2. Sportsmanship Award

  3. Rising Star in a Specific Sport (e.g., Soccer, Basketball, Swimming)

  4. Fitness Enthusiast Award

  5. Extreme Sports Achiever

  6. Yoga and Wellness Ambassador

4. Social Impact:

  1. Teen Activist of the Year

  2. Community Champion Award

  3. Environmental Stewardship Award

  4. Social Justice Advocate

  5. Humanitarian Award

  6. Philanthropist in the Making

5. Academic Excellence:

  1. Outstanding Student in Math/Science/English/History/etc.

  2. Academic All-Star

  3. Most Improved Scholar

  4. Innovative Thinker Award

  5. Researcher of the Year

  6. Academic Multitalent

6. Technology and Gaming:

  1. Teen Tech Wizard

  2. Gaming Champion Award

  3. Social Media Influencer of the Year

  4. Coding Prodigy Award

  5. Virtual Reality Pioneer

  6. Tech Innovator

7. Leadership and Service:

  1. Teen Volunteer of the Year

  2. Leadership Excellence Award

  3. Global Citizenship Award

  4. Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

  5. Future CEO

  6. Emerging Community Leader

8. Media and Entertainment:

  1. Teen Actor/Actress of the Year

  2. Social Media Star Award

  3. Teen Content Creator Award

  4. Rising Star in Entertainment

  5. Podcast Prodigy

  6. Radio Personality in the Making

9. Fashion and Style:

  1. Teen Fashionista Award

  2. Style Influencer of the Year

  3. Fashion Designer in the Making

  4. Hair and Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

  5. Sustainable Fashion Advocate

  6. Trendsetter of Tomorrow

10. Friendship and Positivity:

  1. Best Friend Duo

  2. Positive Influencer Award

  3. Cheerful Spirit Award

  4. Peer Mentor of the Year

  5. Empathy Advocate

  6. Inclusive Friend Award

"Kindly note that awards will only be presented in categories with deserving entries, and it is not obligatory for awards to be distributed across all listed categories. All rights reserved."

WTA - Partners: List
WTA - Partners: List

Be Remembered, Forever!

Sponsor the World Teen Awards

(For a greater impact and supporting multiple teenagers, Sponsors can sponsor multiple awards in various award categories)

Exclusive Award in Your Name

INR 1,50,000/- (USD 1800)
Local Taxes & Banking Charges Extra

Award named jointly

INR 11,000/- (USD 133) & above
Local Taxes and Banking Charges Extra

This award will be given every year, so each year you will have to deposit the above said amount to continue the award that you have established. The amount mentioned above is subject to change without prior notice. All Rights Reserved.

WTA - Partners: List

How will your money be used?


Of your contribution will go directly to the teenager as a cash award.


Of it will be used to identify the right teenager for the award.

WTA - Partners: Text

Thanking Our Supporters!

Heartfelt gratitude to the countless anonymous supporters of the World Teen Awards. Thank you for your generous donations.

If you'd also like to contribute to empowering teenagers, click the button below to make a donation.

WTA - Partners: Text

What our Institutional & Brand partner's want?

A platform that voluntarily brings together teenagers from varied career interests and creates an opportunity for inviting them on their campus and engaging them in relevant activities on-campus.

WTA - Partners: List

Achieving Our Partner's Aspirations


School Networking

Teen & Parent

Campus Visit




in Your Territory

WTA - Partners: List

Our plan for your aspirations?

Designing an activity for which teens, teachers & parents come together on their own and become a part of the ecosystem.

School Outreach

"Directly engaging with thousands of schools in your territory and globally, fostering stronger bonds between schools and universities."

Direct Teen Interaction or Teens on your campus

"Teens, teachers, and parents will either visit your campus for the Jury Round or join online for direct sessions, providing them with an immersive experience of your campus and brand."

Global Branding

"We collaborate with incredible global partners to make the awards authentic, elevating your brand positioning by empowering teens and promoting sustainability."

Brand Exclusivity

"Enjoy a unique market presence with exclusive territorial rights, differentiating you from competitors."

WTA - Partners: List

Jury Interview Round (Online / On-Campus)

The Brand Partner / University can create an non-partisan expert Jury comprising any or all of the following people.

Subject Expert

Public Policy Expert

Media Expert

Judiciary Expert

International Representatives

Corporate Leaders

Cultural or Artistic Figures

Academic Leaders

Celebrities or Influencers

Previous Award Recipients

Parent Representatives

Youth Advocates

WTA - Partners: List

For Maximum Geographic Representation

We will recognize teens for their exceptional work in each category through the following hierarchy, with only one awardee at each level.

City Awardee

State Awardee

Country Awardee

Global Awardee

(It is not mandatory that there will be awardees at all these levels and this is subject to last minute changes and approvals)

WTA - Partners: List

What We Promise?


"Encouraging teenagers from around the globe to actively participate and register for the awards."


"Efficiently managing, organizing, and showcasing video entries on YouTube."


"Determining the top-ranking videos to advance them to the next stage of the awards."


"We will assist our partners in conducting the Jury Round, either online or on their campuses."

Final Listing

"After the Jury round, we'll finalize the awardees and invite them to the ceremony."

Award Ceremony

"Organising the award ceremony & inviting the guests and press. (Online / Offline)"

WTA - Partners: List

Add On Opportunities for Brand Partners Only

Invite teens along with parents for the jury round

Host special trainings and sessions for the attendees

Give stay facility to participants to experience your hostels

Invite corporates & HR's to the Jury & enhance your campus placements

Each department gets involved in judging the entries from their field 

Give an orientation tour of the campus to all the visitors

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