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Blub World Web Talks Episode 234: Should Standardized Testing Be Abolished in Schools?

Blub World Web Talks Episode 234: Should Standardized Testing Be Abolished in Schools?

Blub World recently hosted a thought-provoking web talk on the topic "Should Standardized Testing Be Abolished in Schools?" The event featured a panel of esteemed speakers, each bringing their own perspectives and experiences to the discussion including Ms. Ridhi Bhogi, Mr. Bhanu Pant, Dr. Gowri Prabha Prasad, Dr. Satyabeer Singh, Dr. Swati Kapoor, Dr. Sabuj Ahmed, and Ms. Tejal Shivpuri.

Ms. Bhogi opened the conversation with a strong argument in favor of abolishing standardized testing. She emphasized the negative impact on students' mental health and creativity, arguing that standardized tests often prioritize rote memorization over critical thinking followed up by Mr. Pant presenting a balanced perspective, acknowledging the benefits of standardized testing in terms of assessing foundational knowledge. However, he also noted the need for alternative assessment methods that cater to diverse learning styles and intelligences.

As the webtalks, fortunately versed with more people Dr. Prasad discussed the potential for standardized testing to perpetuate educational inequities. She advocated for more holistic assessment methods that take into account students' socioeconomic backgrounds and individual learning needs.

Coming to Dr. Satyabeer Singh who defended the role of standardized testing in maintaining academic standards and measuring student achievement. He argued that these tests provide valuable data for schools to assess the effectiveness of their teaching methods followed by Dr. Kapoor who called for a more nuanced approach to standardized testing, suggesting that it can be part of a broader assessment strategy. She emphasized the importance of using tests as one of many tools to evaluate student progress and inform instruction.

Moreover, we had Dr. Sabuj Ahmed who highlighted the pressure of standardized testing places on students and teachers. He stressed the need for a shift towards formative assessment techniques that provide ongoing feedback and support learning rather than just measuring it.

Ms. Tejal Shivpuri: Ms. Shivpuri brought attention to the impact of standardized testing on students' self-esteem and motivation. She argued for a more student-centred approach to assessment that values individual growth and effort.


The Blub World web talk on standardized testing in schools sparked a lively talk, showcasing the diverse opinions and perspectives of the panellists. While there was no clear consensus on whether standardized testing should be abolished entirely, there was agreement on the need for more balanced and inclusive assessment methods.

The discussion underscored the importance of re-evaluating our approach to testing in education and exploring alternatives that support all students' learning and well-being. Blub World will continue to host insightful conversations like this one every Wednesday, contributing to the ongoing discourse on critical issues in education.

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