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#blubworldcareerlabs - Cool Career Choice!

Continuing the tradition of featuring the coolest careers, Blub World brings to you another set of absolutely amazing professions that will revive your thoughts, give wings to new dreams and of course, open your mind to the things happening around the world. So, let's explore the alternatives in career that we have for this month:

Image Consulting :

If you have an interest in guiding and mentoring people regarding their dress up, public etiquettes and communication, soft skills training as well as assisting in overall grooming of individuals, then this might sound like an interesting career. With more and more professionals seeking help of image consultants, it has become a booming career choice for many, for it not just helps in personality development but also escalates chances of better business opportunities.

Marine science & Oceanography:

From studying the underwater ecosystem, its organisms as well as understanding impact of climate changes, suggesting preventive measures and solutions, marine scientists and oceanologists are absolute adventurous geniuses. Does this interest you?

Wildlife Conservation:

If you are keen on saving the forests, wildlife and their natural habitat, opt to become a Wildlife Conservationist. From protecting animal species, conserving the nature, maintaining and enhancing them for the betterment, as well as striving to save them from extinction, Wildlife Conservationist live a life closer to nature and are absolutely in love with their profession.

Pet Grooming:

If you are an animal lover, pet friendly and enjoy primping them, then pet grooming is the career for you. Learning the art of prettifying them, cleaning, shampooing, clipping nails to their general well-being, pet groomers need to be patient and must have the basic knowledge of Canine Health and Anatomy. It is an interesting way of pampering animals while maintaining them.

Wine Tasting:

The art of tasting varied wines, evaluating its taste and effects, setting food combinations with it as well as advising restaurants on serving wines, Wine Tasters must possess deep and comprehensive knowledge on Wines. They should also have the urge and desire of travelling to explore the most exquisite wines available around the world.

Dance Therapy:

For an individual passionate about Dancing, together with interest in Psychology, becoming a Dance Therapist is a wonderful way to a flourishing career. From helping folks dance their way to managing emotional, social, cognitive and physical elements, dance movements help one generate happy hormones which is beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety.

When choosing a career, it is always advisable to think through your interests and definition of success, prosperity and accomplishments. Follow a road that will take you near to your dreams while also gives you a fulfilled life!

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