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#blubworldcareerlabs - Travel to Earn - Earn to Travel!

The more we are reading about millennials, the more it has come to fore that they love to travel, add experiences, and are distant from collecting materialistic possessions. This has led to a series of newer findings, scrapping of long existing tales and development of fresh avenues that hail the thoughts and ideas of the youth of today­.#blubworldcareerlabs which throws light on diverse professions one can pursue, this month, brings another interesting range of career options for folks who desire travelling and exploring the world:

English Teacher:

English has become the lingua franca of the world. An increasing number people from diverse countries wish to learn spoken and written English, thus escalating chances of landing a job of an English tutor in any and every nation.

Travel Blogger:

A rising profession among younger folks; travel blogger is a fascinating career if you know the art of playing around with words. This a perfect line of career for writers who have a keen observational power, like mingling with local folks and dig out interesting anecdotes and information to make blogs credible, attention-grabbing and soul-stirring.


If you dream of flying planes and land at destinations absolutely mesmerizing, aim to become a pilot. It not just gives wings to your dream of exploring new places but also makes for a highly successful career option with respectable profile and income.

Flight Attendant:

If you love meeting and greeting diverse people, care for their safety, enjoy serving food together with traveling to varied destinations, then this might be the perfect job for you. Flight Attendants not just ensure safety and comfort of all passengers but also assist them in making their journeys a pleasant one.


Capturing beauty is an art that can make one soar high if they are talented, determined, creative and skilled. From clicking beautiful destinations, nature, food, people to diverse cultures and colors, photography can make one travel all over the world.


Assisting filmmakers at exotic locations with camera management and photography is a wonderful approach to giving self chances of discovering the world. Not just the film production company bears your cost for travel, accommodation and food but also allows sightseeing for improved cinematography in the film and for making artistic and technical decisions.

Scuba Diver:

This is one profession that fulfills a passion while making you travel and earn satisfactorily. Plunging at assorted beaches, assisting tourists to training beginners, scuba diving across the globe offers a job with a great salary package.

Ski Instructor:

Wherever there is ice and snow, there is a need for a Ski Instructor. Intriguing, adventurous and absolutely rewarding, the profession requires one to be robust, cool headed and good at dealing with newcomers.


If have the gift of preparing appetizing alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for bar and patrons, love intermingling with new people, serve orders, recommend beverages and address needs of the customers in the bar, then you can get a job at varied bars around the world.

Yoga Instructor:

People today have become extremely conscious about their health and fitness, and the art of ancient Yoga is coming back to play. Yoga instructors from India are high in demand everywhere. From mediation to varies yoga poses and postures, amid the stressful life today, Yoga is one of the most benefiting form of exercising, thus amplifying the scope for jobs around the world.

If you like to travel, develop a talent or pursue a profession that facilitates backpacking. This will help you make frequent travel plans and discover newer destinations without worrying about funds or losing your job. Follow this space to know similar such thrilling professions.

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