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#blubworldrefers - Create a Haven for Sunbirds!

This beautiful Purple Sunbird from the family of Nectariniidae is a small, delicate being that feeds on nectar of flowers and insects. Often nesting in thin forest and garden land, including those in dense urban areas, one can attract them to their gardens by planting specific flowering plants. To magnetize the Nectivorous Birds like Sunbirds, Flower Peckers and Spider Hunters, one should create a safe, reclusive environment for them.

Nurture exotic ornamental shrubs like Heliconias, Torch Ginger, Yellow Saraca, Bottlebrushes, Golden Penda, Pink Powderpuff, Firecracker Plant, Coral Tree, Cockscomb Tree, Umbrella tree, Horseradish tree or Drumstick and Straits Rhododendron in your premises. The nectar of these flowering plants will not just attract insects like ants, butterflies, moths and bees but will also create a protected haven for Insectivorous and Nectivorous Birds within your environs.

Found in the drier parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Pakistan, the species is distributed widely from West Asia through the Indian subcontinent and into Southeast Asia and arrive here in summers in large numbers. They however head towards Goa during winters.

Photo Courtesy - Snapshots by Aditi Gaur

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