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Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Change is the only constant and the world is constantly changing! Evolution is simply inevitable and so our mindsets are evolving to newer, better and unconventional ideas. By unconventional ideas, we are referring to how people in every age group today, are adopting enhanced ways of working while also taking on with the changed outlook towards living life.

The mantra of 'Live and Let Live' is striking well with the audience which is seeking independence in their life choices and relentlessly striving to create careers with the talents they have developed over a period of time.

There was a phase when every parent wanted their ward to take up Engineering, Doctorate, Law or Civil Services, as it ensured a privileged future with job safety and a handsome salary. Parents felt a sense of pride and satisfaction seeing their children taking up studies and careers 'seriously' and grooming to become qualified to 'live' in the society with dignity. While this thought may be right to the extent where in the kids themselves dreamt of taking these professions and achieving life goals, but the scenario changes when they were forced to accept these established lines of work. Building a career in something that is beyond interest, passion and calling, is a mere choice of earning money and leading a lifestyle sans curiosity, contentment and purpose. There will always exist a slight feeling of impatience and discontentment in the back of the mind that does not allow complete happiness, and the zeal to learn something new each day, gradually decreases.

Living or looking at such situations, young parents now understand the importance of letting their kids hone their skills from the beginning and give them the space to experiment and grow. It is important that children are involved in different extracurricular activities and sports, along with focused approach towards varied subjects to discover their interests, comfort and calling. Recognizing their gifts, encouraging them to make it their strong point and building their confidence, is what these young buds need.

Every child is born with different abilities and judging them on the same parameters is a debatable topic. While some may find Science and Math interesting and easy, there are students who have a harrowing time understanding even the basics. Their interests lie in other subjects like languages or maybe sports or other creative fields. Parents should take efforts to introduce their wards to various options in every field so that the child can pick and explore the vocation that he or she desires. Participating and experimenting, trials and errors, failing and excelling should all be a part of school and college life so that the child gets time and space to figure out what really makes him happy. The approach should be proactive for the young person to feel inclined towards a certain activity that maybe art, craft, singing, dancing or playing any instrument. Being informed about the different areas one can enter, will help the child develop passion and inquisition towards it thereby fostering it to a higher level.

Talent comes naturally to every person when they are born, it is just the realization of these talents and turning them profitable that plays the trick. Some may love playing with numbers or discovering new things and others may find solace in helping people and wish to do something for the society. Using such talents to channelize their energy and efforts in making them their strength is immensely valuable. One's interests and actions will define their individuality and people will identify them with what they know or what they provide or what can they create. Mastering the true gifts will tremendously increase their potential as it will be backed by the knowledge they gain over a period of time.

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