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What is the World Teen Parliament?

"The World's First and Only Elected Global Parliament of Teenagers is a unique initiative that brings together 100 teenagers from all over the world to generate ideas that can improve our planet. These young people are elected as MPs, and the World Teen Parliament provides them with training, mentorship, and funding to help bring their ideas to life.

This Parliament is a wonderful opportunity for teenagers to showcase their leadership, innovation, and creativity while answering the question, 'How can I improve the world?' By reflecting on this question, they can gain valuable insights into their career choices, passions, and life purpose. This introspection enables them to explore their own personalities and identify areas where they can make a meaningful impact on the world.

The World Teen Parliament is a non-profit initiative initiated in partnership with UNESCO-MGIEP and Save The Children, by the Blub World Foundation. It has received appreciation and recommendation from prestigious organizations such as the Supreme Court Bar Association of India and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago."

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Countries at WTP

The Current World Teen Parliament has teenagers from 10 countries.
India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, U.A.E., Malaysia, South Korea, Sierra Leone, Africa & Spain

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Inviting Teens!

To become a Member of Parliament (MP)

Inspire and lead the world by solving a local or global problem with your ideas and work. 

Propose your solution on a 59 second video in english and gather public votes to become a Member of Parliament.

Click the button below to fill the form & submit your video.

To choose a Member of Parliament (MP)

Elect a teen leader of your choice, by liking and sharing their video to experience the power of your vote.

Attend Future Skills workshops and work with elected MPs to improve the world by solving problems, suggesting policy changes and starting action initiatives in your school.

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Why become a teen MP?

The elected 100 teen MPs get trained, mentored and funded to work on their ideas.

Every month they interact with global leaders, corporations, governments and important people globally.

Each year 100 amazing teens get elected to the World Teen Parliament for one year.

If you want to be one of them? Then Participate Now!

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Participation is FREE!

(As this is a giveback or not for profit initiative of the Blub World Foundation)

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Steps To Participate

1. Create Video

Create a 59 second video in English answering the question -

"How will I Improve the World?"

2. Fill Form to upload your video

Click on the Register Now button above to fill the form and submit your video

3. Subscribe to Blub World on YouTube

Subscribe to Blub World on YouTube to see your video on our channel within 7 days of your form submission.

4. Share Your Video from our channel

Increase the views, likes and shares of your video to get elected to the live voting round

5. Get Live Votes

Get the maximum votes in the Live Voting Round to make it to the top 100 teens.

6. Become an MP

The top 100 teens become a Member Of Parliament of the World Teen Parliament

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If you cannot identify a local problem that you can solve, then

Refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN - SDGs) to identify local & global problems and then suggest your solutions in your video.

World Teen Parliament: About

Registrations will Open Soon!

Keep Following this space to know more!

3rd World Teen Parliament Begins

22st Jan. 2024

8:00 PM IST

World Teen Parliament: Schedule

Missed Anything? See the Participation Process on Video

World Teen Parliament: Welcome

Benefits for a teen MP?*

1. Get trained, mentored and funded.

2. Talk to world leaders to propose your ideas.

3. Inspire & motivate teens globally with your talks & speeches.

4. Create global teams of teenagers to implement your ideas like a school project.

5. Be in the Jury for the "World Teen Awards"

6. Plan and Host the next World Teen Parliament.

(All the above will happen virtually / online and the teams can do on-ground work after approval from their schools)

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Why every teen must participate?

Benefits for all teen participants*

1. Get a Certificate of Participation which is your membership card for the year long benefits

2. Work on International Projects and internships.

3. Attend Workshops on Future Skills

4. Interact with global leaders and teenagers.

5. Make new friends around the world.

6. Learn about how democracies & governments work globally.

7. Enhance your CV/portfolio for your career & admission in IVY League Colleges globally.

8. Transform yourself by answering the participation question and figure out your life goals.

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Learn a Unique Combination of 

Design Thinking


Policy Making

Global Citizenship

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Teens learn Future Skills at WTP

Beyond the following skills, teens share the topics they wish to learn & WTP arranges the workshops.


Critical Thinking & Gap Identification

Creativity & Ideation

Problem Solving

Decision Making & Prototyping

Communication & Simplification



Scaling Up

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All Teenagers must participate and submit their video entry under strict parental control only.

Eligibility for participating in 2nd WTP 2023

Above 13 & Below 19 years of age

Only School Students or Home-schoolers who are below the age of 19 on 22nd January, 2023. 

Tenure of the World Teen Parliament

12 months or 1 year

Each year a new World Teen Parliament will be constituted via an election process.

Total time commitment from an elected MP

21 days in a year

Each elected Teen MP has to devote a minimum of 21 days to the working of the World Teen Parliament.

World Teen Parliament: News Articles

World Teen Parliament Growth Numbers


Teen Registrations


Votes in the zonal voting

Social Media Views, Likes & Shares

15,000+ Cm. Sq.

100% Organic News Coverage

Teen Registrations

Direct Votes in Live Voting Round

Social Media Views, Likes & Shares

40,000+ Cm. Sq.
100% Organic News Coverage

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