• Blub World Editorial Team

#blubworldthinks - Why Create Content?

We as humans have always been looking for comfort and ease in our lives. We are genetically trained to remove all the things that cause any form of discomfort or which requires tedious labor, simply because the ancient early man had to survive very hostile conditions. He had to conserve energy at any cost as it took a lot of power to hunt and if he could not hunt, he could not eat. So he developed a simple rule of conserving his energy at any cost.

But with the evolution of time and our living environment, we don't need to do this as we don't live in those antagonistic environments anymore, we rather live in the best of comforts, and can buy anything that earlier we used to hunt. But that energy still exists in us and we now spend it at gymnasiums and clubs in playing sports and exercising in order to stay fit. Our physical fitness is very well taken care of by the new-age solutions like gymnasiums, sports complexes, running tracks, trekking trails etc.

But in this entire fitness regime, we have simply forgotten about our mental fitness. We study to earn a job, we do a job to earn a living and finally look for sweet retirement plans which can give us comfort. As evoluted creatures that have a great knowledge bank, and typically rely on their intelligence for survival and thriving, we have stopped giving strain or doing the right exercises for our mental capabilities. We have become creatures of consumption as far as intellect is concerned. We consume a lot of content throughout our lives but we are always afraid or shy of creating content.

There are many forms of documenting things that are going around us and each of those modes of documentation is the backbone for the different media platforms that exist around us. What today's generation is doing is just consuming a lot of content from all the media. Though some of us are creating content, they are not concerned with its quality, longevity or the gains that it will create for the future generations.