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Charting Your Course: Career Guidance from Blub World's Career Q&A Session

Blub World recently hosted an engaging and informative Career Q&A session with guest speaker Dr. Anuranjan Misra, a renowned career expert and mentor. The session attracted 50-60 teens eager to ask questions and gain insights into their career paths. He provided valuable advice and guidance, helping attendees navigate their options and plan for their futures.

Teens asked Dr. Misra how to choose the right career path. He emphasized the importance of self-reflection, exploring interests and strengths, and seeking guidance from mentors. He encouraged teens to remain open-minded and consider multiple career options before making a decision.

Dr. Misra also shared strategies for gaining practical experience in various fields, such as internships, volunteering, and part-time jobs. He also highlighted the significance of networking and connecting with professionals in their desired industries. Teens were keen to know what skills are vital for success in the job market. He also provided tips on how to prepare for job interviews. He stressed the importance of researching companies, practising common interview questions, and preparing thoughtful responses that highlight one's strengths and experiences.

Teens did inquire about transitioning to new career paths. Dr. Misra advised them to leverage transferable skills, seek additional training or certifications, and network with professionals in their new fields.

Dr. Misra offered guidance for those just beginning their careers. He recommended staying curious, taking calculated risks, and learning from every experience. He also encouraged teens to seek feedback and mentorship.

The Career Q&A session which we have every Thursday and this time with Dr. Anuranjan Misra provided teens with valuable insights and practical advice on navigating their career paths. Blub World was proud to host this enriching event, empowering the next generation with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Attendees left the session inspired and equipped with actionable steps to take their careers to the next level.

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