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#childrenofblubworld – Reyhan Jamalova

Children of BLUB World – Reyhan Jamalova from Azerbaijan along with her freind, Zahra Gasimzade, invented a smart device that harvests energy of raindrops to generate electric power.

Under the guidance of their Physics tutors and with Azerbaijan Government providing seed money of USD 20,000, they developed this idea.

Naming it as ‘Rainergy’, it is a 9-meter-high device with four main parts, a rainwater collector, a water tank, an electric generator and a battery. Once the tank fills up the water is allowed to flow through the generator at high speed. The electricity generated by this process is stored in the battery and can be used for household purposes.

“Look around, innovation lays in every element!”

Share your stories and creativity on BLUB World, we are a platform for every child to showcase and enhance their talents.

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