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#inspirationsofblubworld - Datta Patil - The Real Hero from 'Swades'!

Born and brought up in the quaint village of Halgara in Latur district of Maharashtra, Datta Patil grew up amid immense hardship but within a family that believed in the importance of Education

Datta pursued Engineering, and a few years later worked with brands like Yahoo and Microsoft. He later moved to California in the USA but visited his family every year. In 2016, as per the tradition since last few years, Datta had planned a visit to India, take his parents on a pilgrimage, meet his family and friends and return to the US.

As per the ritual, the family packed their food, started a road trip and decided to eat at some lush field before reaching Pandharpur. They started at 5am and drove for hours but could not find one green patch to eat their homemade food and relax for some time. This deeply affected Datta, who had been reading about farmer suicides and drought like situations in Maharashtra.

He commented, “This was nothing like the place I grew up. It felt like we were on a parched desert stretch in Rajasthan. It was then that the gravity of the drought sunk in. When I enquired, my father lamented the distress of farmers in our village. I just kept quiet for the rest of the trip and retrospected about what I could do.”

Once he returned to California, he researched and found out that California too is classified as a drought-hit region in the USA. So he started drawing parallels. He found out that California has been affected by drought for five years, but personally he never experienced water cuts. Datta further figured out that in 2016, the annual rainfall in Santa Clara was 400 mm, whereas Halgara received 800 mm of rainfall, which is almost double. However, surprising was that California's groundwater level was at 70 ft, but Halgara was dug as deep as 800 ft in search of groundwater. So clearly, the definition of drought when based upon groundwater levels and the locations, was jarring.