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#inspirationsofblubworld - Have a Talent? Save a Life!

As popular as this proverb is, equally popular is Swapan Sett, a 75-year old artist from Calcutta. Immensely passionate and determined, this gentleman is also known as 'The Ageless Artist'.

From playing the violin to sculpting and sketching, Swapan Sett has taken his talents to newer levels by performing for the royal families across India. Since his youth, he has travelled elaborately and shared with the folks on the way, his art and aptitude.

However, in 2002, his wife was diagnosed with cancer and the violinist picked up his instrument this time, not just to entertain people but to earn some money in the process as well. His strength of character and determination helped him take home enough to get his wife completely cured.

This avid player and painter, has continued performing and amuse people with his gift even today. He has proved to be an inspiration for all of us. All his life, he continued nurturing his passion and in the times of need, used it as a medium to make ends meet.

Swapan Sett is an inspiration and epitome of fortitude, while also an assurance for those who zealously foster their innate talents. Even though, throughout his life he played for leisure, it was ultimately these abilities that helped him in his old age and in the times of crisis.

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