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We often hear stories where there is just one hero around whom the narrative revolves. However, this time, we have two characters in a real-life story and it is bound to melt your heart. Here, both of them are real heroes and they definitely are giving us inspirational goals.

Meet Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba, a South American 11-year old student from Peru. This young lad went viral on the internet sometime back when someone shot a video of him studying in the faint street light one night. Determined to complete his homework, Victor, kept re-adjusting himself to find the perfect angel of light on his book. The video footage shows Victor struggling to sit and complete his work.

After the footage went viral, the kid caught the attention of Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, a young 31-year old humanitarian from Bahrain. He flew all the way to Peru to help Víctor, and restore his life. Yaqoob first met the boy and his family. He then got his shanty remade into a two-storey building and helped Victor's mother set up a new business. He also gifted the boy a computer and has urged the locals to help settle the family.

His deeds did not just end here. Yaqoob later planned and invested in redoing Victor's school with better facilities and provisions. Yaqoob Mubarak has transformed Víctor's life, and ensured that the gritty boy has better access to education, and has a bright future.

While Victor has proved that circumstances can never be a reason for not working, Yaqoob with his heartfelt gestures has restored our faith in humanity.

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