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Mental Health Awareness: Discussing the importance of mental health, coping mechanisms, and breaking the stigma surrounding seeking help.

Mental health can be referred to as the psychological, emotional, and social well-being of an individual. Though mental health does not have a proper definition, it is roughly termed as the healthy and sound mental state of an individual.

As human beings, we often neglect the status of our mental health. It happens more frequently because it might not come to a person’s notice that his/her mental health is deteriorating.  An individual’s mental health is associated with a lot of factors that drive negative emotions in the mind.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the most widely existing mental health conditions in human beings. These illnesses extend to serious mental health problems such as schizophrenia, personality disorders, and many more. Doctors also believe that these mental health issues are the result of the hectic and chaotic life that human civilization is leading to. Most mental health problems are also driven by an extreme situation from the past that leaves an everlasting impact on the individual’s mind and body.

The mental well-being of an individual is as important as their physical well-being since your mental health is the driving force of your entire body. The human body is prone to various illnesses when under poor mental health. It's not just related to your emotional or psychological well-being, it’s way beyond that. Acidity, headache, body ache, etc are some of the most common stress-developed illnesses in human beings. The situation further extends to hampering the behaviour of an individual. It makes a person aggressive, vulnerable, socially distant, and much more. All these are noticeable symptoms of poor mental health.

As per Science and medicine, various factors can deteriorate an individual’s mental health. These factors are classified as environmental factors, emotional factors, physical factors, and of course mental factors. In today’s time, emotional factors are the major drivers of negative emotions in individuals. Unhappy relationships, peer pressure, career stress, childhood abuse or trauma, family problems, mishappening with a loved person, loneliness, isolation, social deprivation, lack of acceptance, and various other factors drive pessimistic thoughts in human beings. Thus, it is said that your body and mind are influenced by anything and everything in and around you.

An individual can work on improving his/her mental health by seeking external help and practicing a healthy and mindful life. People can start by eating healthy, reducing their screen time, indulging themselves in activities that bring pleasure and peace, and sleeping peacefully. It is important for people to avoid places and people that bring chaos and negative emotions into their lives. Choose a company that brings you peace and calm, that trusts you, and assures you that your life is precious. A psychologist/counselor can help you to understand the pattern of your mental disorders and work on it. I think it's high time, that we start talking about mental health issues with an open heart and instead help others in overcoming these challenging times. Celebration of World Mental Health Day is one such initiative that focuses on encouraging open conversations about mental health disorders and seeking external help. 

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