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#millennialsofblubworld - Millennials Read More Than Their Parents!

Born in the years 1981-1996, millennials are a demographic cohort which makes for the youth of the world today. Raised in the age of internet, this generation of boys and girls has had a very different upbringing as compared to their parents and forefathers. From getting better access to education, to learning with technology, millennials have made some diverse changes in their lifestyles, dreams, goals and habits. While some may be good, some may be bad, but changes have happened and gradually people are evolving alongside with them.

Recent studies show that millennials read, and they perhaps read quite more as compared to the previous generations. How much ever problematic this generation is referred to as, they have several positive traits, and this one is one of them. Millennials are avid readers. On an average, a millennial reads five books a year as compared to other generations which read four books every year.

Their choice of books is also quite traditional and they choose to visit public libraries. In spite of being brought up in the digital world, millennials may purchase books online but they prefer to read hardbound books over e-books.

They also like to research and read about news and current affairs rather than watch it online or on television. The youth of today which is highly committed to personal goals like keeping fit by exercising and eating healthy, self improvement by reading and researching as well as focused on travelling for experiences, is always eager to learn, which justifies their desire to read more!

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