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#parentsofblubworld - Dreaming Together, Father daughter!

Priya Punia is a 22-year old Indian cricketer. In December 2018, Priya was picked in India's squad for their series against New Zealand. The vibrant sportswomen made her debut in International Cricket with the 'Women's Twenty20 International Cricket (WT20I)', playing for India against New Zealand, on February 06, 2019.

Hailing from the Churu district near Jaipur in Rajasthan, Priya Punia has always been passionate about Cricket. As conventional as people in Churu can be, Priya's family, especially her father has always had a contemporary and progressive outlook in her upbringing.

Priya's father Surendra Punia recognized her fervor for Cricket and encouraged her to aim at bringing laurels for the country. When she applied at a Cricket Academy in Jaipur, she was rejected basis her gender. However her father, with limited resources, was determined to train his daughter. In 2016, he sold his property, took loans, and purchased a small plot of land on the outskirts of Jaipur. He set up nets and a pitch so that Priya could practice uninterrupted and unperturbed.

While she played well at domestic Cricket, it took a while before Priya could make her debut in International Cricket, and when she did, Priya and Surendra's efforts paid off. The valiant girl shined and gradually became a star.

We need more parents like Surendra Punia, who not just believed and supported his daughter but also ensured the best for her always. Today, Priya is not just soaring high but setting an example for every dreamer as well! Hats off to the father-daughter duo!

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