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Plain yellow color with excited teens.jpg

#parentsofblubworld - featuring Inspiring parents

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Mrs. Sushma Taldar & Mr. Jaipal Taldar Parents of Ms. Meghna Taldar from Ryan International Sch

ool, Udaipur “Hailing from Baluchistan in Pakistan, we moved here in India to provide better education facilities to our daughter.”

What is missing in today’s education? Children today are missing focus on developing a good handwriting. In our age, we used to work and rewrite on ‘Takhti’ which made writing absolute fun and engaging. It also helped us improve our handwriting immensely, in Hindi, English and Urdu.

Students are also missing a relaxed time for themselves. They are stressed. A practice of meditation should be incorporated to make students ease out, while also help them develop some patience.

Thought on Teacher-Student Relationship – We have always believed that once a teacher has taught us even for a small duration, he or she will remain our Guru for a lifetime. During our times, they used to hit us, but nonetheless, we loved them and still have a lot of respect for them.

Importance of sharing family history - No individual or community can progress if they do not know and understand their past. Parents must discuss with their children the kind of lifestyle they led, without being persuasive. It should be more like sharing anecdotes and interesting tales, to help them understand their family legacy better.

Message for the Children - Listen to your parents; believe that they want the best for you!

Children should understand that they are actually too young to make decisions for themselves and that parents will always settle on things that are in the best of their interest.

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