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#schoolofblubworld - Can Plastic Waste become School Fees?

The Akshar School is possibly the first-of-its-kind in India. Located in Pamohi, Assam, this unique school accepts dry plastic waste as its 'School Fee' every month.

Mazin Mukhtar, co-founder of Akshar Foundation says that the school is free of cost; instead students are asked to collect dry plastic waste from home and submit to us which is later used in small construction projects on our campus like garden fences, walls etc.

With nearly hundred students in the age group of 4-15 years, the Akshar School functions on an entirely different concept. Here the senior students are taught by subjects’ experts and are further trained to tutor the junior students. The school in return offers them with toy remuneration which is surprisingly acceptable in the local market. These little teachers use their toy currency notes to buy snacks, toys, shoes and even clothes. From earning pocket money in the form of salary to managing school, teaching, work, finances and even contributing at home, these students are not just learning but developing holistically.

Such initiatives are not only making them environmentally conscious, but it is also enabling the local community to adopt eco-friendly ways of living. The students at the Akshar School also participate in tree plantation drives, caring for stray animals, waste recycling projects as well as sustainable living programs.

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