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#schoolsofblubworld - Students Teach!

With an aim to provide a chance to work on academic and non-academic skills of young students, Divanshu Kumar hailing from Gaya in Bihar founded 'Involve Learning Solutions Foundation', a non-profit edu-tech start-up based in Chennai.

A student of IIT-Madras, he started the venture to allow senior students develop proficiency in responsibility, communication, problem-solving, social and emotional intelligence, adaptability and resilience.

Divanshu was inspired by Avanti Fellows, a non-profit organization established by two IIT alumni, Akshay Saxena and Krishna Ramkumar in 2010 with the support of the Pan-IIT alumni organization. They aimed to give every student the opportunity to study at India's best colleges and to provide affordable, high-quality education to the disadvantaged students.

He understood potential of peer-driven learnings at Avanti Fellows and thereon worked out a model where capable senior students can teach under-performing junior students at school, lessening the teachers' burden. He then gave this model a try in 2016 at an East Delhi school where he had studied. His friends, Samyak and Awnish later joined him in this endeavor.

Involve Learning Solutions Foundation first trains and mentors Senior Students (8th grade onward) to teach the junior ones (3rd-8th grade). These Senior Students take teaching sessions after school, and are helped in three essential areas, understanding what teachers do; pedagogy of teaching (classroom management); and content they would teach. It is a continuous teaching/ learning process. A manager is appointed in each school who oversees the intensive year-long program with 6+ hours of intervention per student.

The Senior Students who otherwise are constrained in a stale environment get immense exposure and opportunity to use their knowledge practically, changing the entire dynamics of teaching-learning. This peer-learning system is also helping students avoid going to expensive coaching centers for extra classes, as the Senior Students are adeptly tutoring the younger kids, and in the process, developing holistically.

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