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#blubworldcareerlabs - Cool Career Choices!

In a world, where people are evolving with every single day, it has become critical to pick a line of career that ensures a lifetime of fulfillment. While success has a subjective definition, it can be defined in terms of progress, realization of dreams and goals, financial stability, as well as achievement of immense happiness.

In the tender teen-age, deciding a profession can be overwhelming. So ensure that you first understand your aptitude, interests, strengths and weaknesses before jumping on to any conclusion.

Like always, Blub World is here with some new professions that are helping people scale up the ladder of success while giving their innate talents some wings to fly. Read more to know the coolest career choices for this month:

YouTubing: This American website has given an opportunity to that talented lot who are gifted to entertain and educate people. From dancing and cooking lessons to teaching technology, makeup tricks, art and everything under the sun, YouTube has a place for every performer and the icing on the cake is the highest viewers get PAID! Wanna become a YouTuber?

Stand-Up Comedy: We all have seen some legendary entertainers who have won hearts of people with their wits, talents and humor. In the recent years, a rise in the number of people choosing a profession of facing the camera and entertaining the world has been felt. The art of stand-up comedy today knows no gender and has become one lucrative career. So, do you think, you can make people laugh?

Public Health Entomology: If insects and arthropods interest you, then pick this medical line of Entomology which involves their study and impact on human health. An unusual yet an interesting subject to pick, choose it only if you are courageous enough to play with the bugs!

Habitat Policy & Practice: This profession requires an individual to study the habitat of varied species, their way of life, social elements and composition. Habitat policymakers focus on the rights of the habitants and work towards their support. As complicated as this sounds, it is a flourishing choice of career.

Photonics: The technique of using the properties of light and its benefits is done by Photonics Technicians. It is a fusion of optical tech and electronics and is the science of generating, detecting and controlling photons. Researchers often apply their studies in fields like communications, imaging, health care, medicine, defense, optics, electronics etc. So if you are an ardent Physics student, then opting this profession will make for quite a satisfying career.

Volcanology: These audacious geologists study the processes involved in the creation and eruptive activity of volcanoes and their current and historic eruptions, known as volcanology. From under-graduating in Earth Science to studying Geology, Chemistry or Physics, volcanologist is quite a respected profession but a dangerous one as well.

Netflix Tagger: Crazy for Netflix? Well here is your dream job. Get paid to watch Netflix, unbelievable, right? This profession requires one to watch Netflix content and 'tag' each film and episode with relevant metadata. As a tagger, one's job is to sort content into varied genres and categories. From segregating and tagging Netflix's streaming options like shows, movies, documentaries, and standup specials with metadata to giving information about their release dates, directors, cast, genre, etc., a Netflix Tagger has a lot of work to do.

So have you found out your calling yet? If not, then keep following this space to know more about diverse career options that might flick your mind and wing your dreams!

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