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#childrenofblubworld -Saarang Sumesh,

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Saarang Sumesh, the little genius, became the youngest speaker at Fab12 Conference, (Fablab, MIT Boston) at Shenzhen, China, among great scientists and makers across the world. He is also the youngest Tedx Speaker in the world.

The mastermind also participated in the worlds’ largest ‘Maker Faire’ in California, USA as the youngest ‘Maker’.

Sumesh, in Class III from Choice School in Kochi, has formulated smart seat belt that understand a cord of accident scenarios and react accordingly. It has added security for the elderly and young children, where it can sense the accident happening, fire, and water, and let loose the seat belts quickly. It can also detect if an automobile is upturned and gradually release the seat belts.

Influenced by the PM’s ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’, Saarang wishes to build a big, robust Arduino based robot and attach it with a vacuum cleaner using brush-less motors.


“When genius minds glow, innovation grows!”

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