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#childrenofblubworld - Shailendra Singh

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Shailendra Singh, a 17-year old, from Bijalpura in Rajasthan, was one of the 10 nominees for the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2017. The young man was voted for his exceptional work in stopping child marriages and child labor in his village.

Already agitated with such traditional practices, the boy received the much needed push from the ‘Save The Children’ volunteers, who happened to be in his village. With strong initial reaction from village elders as well as the sarpanch, continuous efforts paid off when he stopped more than 5 child marriages and freed 33 children from child labor and admitted them to different schools.

With incessant backlash to being taken seriously, and asked for consultation before fixing marriages, the lad has come a long way.

“Consistency is a strong tool for achieving goals.”

Share your stories and creativity on BLUB World, we are a platform for every child to showcase and enhance their talents.

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