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#childrenofblubworld - Shresth Agrawal

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Shresth Agrawal from Raipur in Chattisgarh studies in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavans R.K Sarda Vidya Mandir.

He worked on a project on contagious diseases, ‘A real time predictive modeling to mitigate contagious diseases’ with the tag line ‘Killing before it kills you’ and went on to win in CBSE Regional’s and CBSE National’s in 2014. After presenting the project at Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Exhibition, IIT Bombay Exhibition, Jawaharlal Nehru NSE in Kerela and IRIS National Fair which is India’s biggest Project, he participated in ISEF and represented India in Los Angeles.

On November 14, Shresth won a Silver Medal in National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement 2017.

Share your stories and creativity on BLUB World, we are a platform for every child to showcase and enhance their talents.

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