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Fearless Governance:Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders-Recap of the 2nd World Teen Parliamentary Session

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

In a world where challenges are dynamic and solutions require innovation, the World Teen Parliamentary Session took a bold step by hosting an insightful session on "Fearless Governance" led by the distinguished Dr. Kiran Bedi.

This visionary event held on February 19th,2022 was not just an assembly of young minds but a platform for fostering fearless leadership among tomorrow's leaders.

The Parliamentary session started with teens getting addressed by Ms. Deepali Khanna, Managing director, Asia, The Rockefeller Foundation, and followed by the master class by Dr. Kiran Bedi.

Dr. Kiran Bedi, an iconic figure in the realm of governance, ignited the session with her vision for fearless leadership. Her extensive experience in public service and unwavering commitment to justice served as an inspiration for the young delegates gathered from across the globe.

Empowering Teen Leaders: Key Insights from the Session

1.     Fearless Decision-Making: Dr. Bedi emphasized the importance of making decisions without fear or favor. Teen leaders were truly encouraged to embrace challenges head-on and make decisions that align with their values.

2.     Ethical Leadership: The session delved into the significance of ethical leadership. Dr. Bedi shared anecdotes from her own journey, highlighting the importance of integrity in governance.

3.     Community Engagement: Fearless governance extends beyond policy. It involves actively engaging with communities, understanding their needs, and collaborating on solutions. Teens were urged to be empathetic leaders who listen and act on behalf of their constituents.

4.     Innovation in Governance: Dr. Bedi championed the role of innovation in governance. Teens were encouraged to think creatively, leverage technology, and find new solutions to age-old problems.

Not just this, Topics in the session ranged from environmental sustainability to social justice, with each delegate bringing a unique perspective shaped by Dr. Kiran Bedi's principles of fearless governance.

As the curtains fell on this remarkable session, the echoes of Dr. Kiran Bedi's call for fearless governance lingered. The legacy continues as these young leaders carry the torch, empowered with the knowledge and inspiration to fearlessly tackle the challenges that lie ahead.


The World Teen Parliamentary Session with Dr. Kiran Bedi was not just a gathering, it was a beacon lighting the way for a future where fearless governance is not only a concept but a lived reality. As these teen leaders return to their communities, they carry with them the principles of fearless governance, ready to make a lasting impact on the world.




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