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Glance Back at the 13th World Teen Parliamentary session

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The echoes of enthusiastic discussions, and spirited and passionate exchanges still resonate long after the curtains have fallen on the numerous World Teen Parliamentary Sessions hosted by Mr. Daksh Gaur, Founder, Blub World, and World Teen Parliament.

Let's revisit the influential speakers and their powerful insights from our 13th parliamentary session held on Jan, 21st 2023 in this blog post.

The session was graced by the presence of esteemed speakers, each a luminary in their respective fields.

1. Mr. Heroy Clarke, Member of Parliament, St. James Central, Republic of Jamaica

2. Prof. James Tooley, Vice-Chancellor, University of Buckingham, England.

3. Mr. M. R Rangaswamy

The sessions commenced with the address of Mr. Heroy Clarke where he shared the essence of active participation to the teens to make the society better. He also shared strategies to empower youth, urging them to take the helm in shaping their communities and nations through informed engagement.

As active participation is the cornerstone of effecting positive change in society, especially for teens and Mr. Clarke was successful in encouraging teens to actively participate in community initiatives, volunteer work, or local governance fostering a sense of responsibility and ownership in shaping their community's well-being.

He concluded by saying that active participation among teens not only shapes them as responsible citizens but also contributes to a society that is more inclusive, innovative, and responsive to the needs of its youngest members.

In the same parliamentary session teens were fortunate to get addressed by our 2nd speaker Prof. James Tooley who is the Vice-Chancellor in the University of Buckingham, England and he started off with one of the major lessons that the teens got, “freedom is not a gift and something that the government can give”. He emphasized more on policy-making adding it to lessons from the prime minister of England from the 20th century and taking her as a live example with lessons that teens can get from her.

He also made sure to make the teens understand to get off all the odds and face it very strongly in all the phases of their lives for an individual journey and should be approached with self-care and support. Mr. Tooley added that there's no "right" way or timeline, what matters most is your well-being and authenticity which turns to the words of wisdom from Prof. Tooley’s and teens were fortunate to get that from him.

After this, Mr. M. R Rangaswamy addressed everyone in such an inspiring way that he gave bits of advice about what is a life journey, how to make it worth and how lucky we should feel to be in such a generation to have the opportunity to live for 100 years and why teenage years are so important.

The teenage years are always referred to as a transformative phase and teens should use this year to make a community as he did in his times. He did mention that most of the habits formed in these years, be it related to physical fitness, mental health, or nutrition, often set the tone for a lifetime.

Prioritizing well-being during this phase is pivotal for a healthy future which will lead to a successful life.

So, all in all teens should understand that the teenage life journey is a tapestry woven with vibrant threads of self-discovery, challenges, dreams, and resilience. It's a transformative chapter, a time of exploration and growth that lays the foundation for the adult years ahead.

The 13th World Teen Parliamentary Session wasn’t just an event, it was a commitment. A commitment to fostering a world where democracy isn't just a word but a lived reality, where the youth actively engage in shaping a more inclusive and participative society and we are proud to be the chain to foster that to the teens.

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