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Youth Empowerment:Ms. Hamilton's Call for Youth as Catalysts of Change at 16th World Teen Parliament

Updated: Mar 28

The 16th World Teen Parliament played host to an electrifying session as Ms. Toya Hamilton, a dynamic political figure from Jamaica, took the stage to share her empowering journey in politics. As she unfolded her narrative, the engaged audience of teens responded with a cascade of questions, forming a dialogue that resonated with the spirit of democracy and youth activism.

Ms. Hamilton began by recounting her own journey, one that echoed the dreams and aspirations of the teens gathered from around the globe. From her early inklings of political interest to navigating the challenging terrain of Jamaican politics, she painted a vivid picture of empowerment through civic engagement.

The young audience listened intently as Ms. Hamilton detailed the intricacies of navigating the political landscape. She spoke candidly about the challenges she faced as a young woman, breaking down barriers in a field traditionally dominated by older counterparts. Her resilience and commitment to change inspired awe and admiration among the teens.

One of the highlights of Ms. Hamilton's journey was her emphasis on grassroots advocacy. She shared stories of engaging directly with her constituents, understanding their unique needs, and championing causes that resonated with the community. Her call for inclusivity and diverse representation struck a chord with the audience.

As Ms. Hamilton concluded her narrative, the floor was opened to questions from the teens. The queries that followed were insightful, reflecting a keen interest in the nuances of political life and a thirst for understanding the mechanisms of change.


1. "How Can Youth Effectively Advocate for Change?"

A teen from Southeast Asia posed this question, seeking practical advice on initiating change within their own communities. Ms. Hamilton responded by stressing the power of collective action, urging the teens to identify key issues, collaborate with like-minded peers, and leverage the strength of their united voices.

2. "What Inspired You to Enter Politics, and How Can We Find Our Inspiration?"

An inquisitive teen sought to understand Ms. Hamilton's personal motivation for entering politics. Ms. Hamilton shared her passion for making a positive impact and encouraged the teens to introspect, identifying issues they feel strongly about as a source of inspiration.


3. "How Can Youth Overcome Gender Barriers in Politics?"

Gender equality in politics was a recurring theme. Ms. Hamilton acknowledged the existing challenges but emphasized the importance of persistence, education, and supporting fellow female leaders. Her response resonated strongly with the young minds contemplating their own paths in political leadership.



The exchange between Ms. Toya Hamilton and the curious teens encapsulated the essence of the World Teen Parliament – a platform where the voices of youth are not only heard but actively shape the discourse. Ms. Hamilton's empowering journey and the subsequent dialogue underscored the transformative power of youth in politics, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of the aspiring leaders present. The event closed with a renewed sense of purpose, as the teens departed with insights, inspiration, and a shared commitment to fostering positive change in their constituencies and beyond.

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